SP Task Manager 2.1

SP Task Manager is an utility app that allows you to manage running application, get phone memory status and format SD/MMD cards. This program runs on Smartphone 2002, 2003, 2003SE and WM5 and is compliant with QVGA devices.

What's new in version 2.1.1
This version improves compatibility with Windows Mobile 5 and fixes a bug of the status page on non QVGA devices.

Main features

SP Task Manager allows you to know which applications is running at a given time. You can see either running apps or processes. You can then choose to quit a given application or all non system applications with a single command. You can also kill processes.

The system apps are displayed with a different icon. You can then know if you are quitting a standard app or trying to close a system one. In the later case, you may leave your phone in an instable state.

SP Task Manager can also display phone memory status, with detailed information about the internal memory, the IPSM folder memory and the SD/MMC card memory. The card can be formatted as well.

Finally, a shortcut named 'SP TM Free Mem' is also available in Programs menu. It runs Task Manager, quits all non system apps and finally close Task Manager. At startup, a dialog allows you to cancel the function or run it immediately. This dialog is displayed for 10 seconds. It's possible to map this application to a phone key to ease its access. Note that this function never display shareware warning.

Orange Signing
Version 2.1 is not signed yet. If you're a user of SPV 1G, that still have the signature, you can download version 1.0. This old version is signed.

History of version 2.1 is available here.

Many thanks to all users from Modaco, Smartphony and others, that reported bugs and helped me improve Task Manager.