Smart Explorer History

Version 2.0.2
This new version fixes a bug when a card is inserted in the phone. Previous version was adding the card as Storage Card instead of using its real name. Thanks to JRC from Smartease for the feedback about this bug.

Version 2.0.1
This new version only fixes a problem in the registration dialog. We have reduced its size. After translation, some dialog were too big and the serial field was either truncated or not visible.

Version 2.0b6
This new version doesn't come with a lot of new features. Some bugs have been fixed and several functions optimized. The beta expiration date has been postponed to may 31st, 2004. It will probably be the last beta before final release.

Version 2.0b5

This new version add several new features and bug fixes:
- It's now possible to open a file or launch an application from the search result dialog.
- It's possible to manage file types. You can then choose an application to open a given extension, choose the icon used for that type of document and decide if it can be downloaded in Internet Explorer.
- Option "Always use this application" in dialog "Open with" is now implemented.
- On E200, menu "Send by email" is renommed to "Send by Email/MMS".
- When doing a copy-paste or cut-paste, you can overwrite existing items. The confirmation dialog lets you choose between Yes, Yes to all, No and No to all.
- Font has been fixed in the dialog that let you choose another application (in Open with dialog).
- Status bar management has been improved.

Version 2.0b4
This new version fix support of fonts. As it's now possible to have several fonts installed, Smart Explorer was using the first one it founds. It has been changed to use the default system font.

Version 2.0b3
This new version includes the following changes:
- Expiration of beta is set to april 15th, 2004.
- Some minor bug have been fixed. All of them concern paint troubles.
- Activation of extension association has been postponed to allow us to test them more deeply.

Version 2.0b2
List of changes in this new beta 2:
- Fix a problem when reading some SD cards.
- Sending files by BT to all devices should work.
- It's possible to activate full speed sending during the transfer.
- Status bar can be hidden.
- Display of information in status bar doesn't occur during scroll. It improves the speed.
- Fixed a bug when unstuffing some ZIP files.
- All files in selection can be sent at a time by bluetooth or infrared.

Many thanks to Xetra, the author of Xbar2, for his help in debugging SD card problem.

Version 2.0b1

- Support of BT transfer. Note that there is some troubles with BT. It's impossible to send to a device that ask for authentication on each connection and sometime it's slow when stoping bluetooth discovery. It's the same troubles that you can face when sending contacts.
- It's possible to go to parent directory when browsing by pressing key 0.
- Some information about the current highlighted item is displayed at bottom of the screen. The content of the selection has been moved to the top of the screen.
- You can display the Properties dialog by pressing key 5.
- Infrared transfer has been rewritten and should be more compliant with other devices.